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Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack To post a comment, please login or register a new account. For now, here's how to use the targeting commands. To make this job a bit easier, we have the /castsequence command. /castsequence takes a list of spells and/or items separated by commas. Common slash commands include the following: /say (/s) /whisper (/w, /talk, /t) /reply (/r) /emote (/e, /em, /me) /dance With macros, these commands can be used from action buttons, and many my review here

While scripts do remain useful for quite a few purposes, you cannot use them to cast spells, use items, change your action bar page or affect your target in any way. giving 305k dps Demonlogy Opener Marco 7.1 macro for raid??? Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack adinhb  Join Date: 7/28/2010 Posts: 5 Member Details #4 adinhb View User Profile Send Message Posted Oct 28, 2010 /q 0 stealthEdit This works like [stance:n] and can be used for any class other than rogues that have a stealth ability, like druid cat form stealth, Night Elves' shadowmeld, etc.

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Put as much of it as you can in one macro and end it with the following line: /click MultiBarRightButton1 The rest of the code would go into a new macro Right-click will always dismount. A mage can select a mob to sheep and set it as their focus. The condition [form:1] will work exactly the same as [stance:1].

Unit IDs are a way to identify a particular character, mob, NPC, etc. Find More Posts by Petrah 04-17-15, 02:22 PM #8 SDPhantom A Pyroguard Emberseer Join Date: Jul 2006 Posts: 1,584 Originally Posted by Seerah Ugh, registering/unregistering the event is the You don't have to LISTEN to any spam. Wow Macro Turn Off Error Sound In caster form, it will cast Faerie Fire.

All it does is clear the UIErrorsFrame. With Sound and Error Control AddOn you can rewrite the macro such as follows: <> #showtooltip Spellname /snd no /use 13 /use 14 /snd on /cast Spellname <> Without this addon Private Mod Note (): Rollback Post to Revision RollBack osoviejo  Join Date: 9/9/2008 Posts: 89 Member Details #3 osoviejo View User Profile Send Message Posted Oct 26, 2010 Does this For example, the following macro will always use the bandages on yourself (self-cast) regardless of your target: /use [@player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage This can be helpful for those that prefer not

modifier:shift/ctrl/altEdit Modifier keys are a convenient way to save action bar space and make certain decisions. /console Sound_enablesfx 0 I assume you'll update the TOC for 6.2 at some point? You yourself are accessed by the "player" ID, and if you have a pet it would be referenced by "pet." You can also append "target" to the end of any valid Useful if you want to use the same button to cast two (or more) diffrent spells from the same talent tier: /cast [talent:3/1] Call of the Elements; [talent:3/3] Totemic Projection If

  • Luckily, you can make macros that respond to different action bar pages and place them on the other action bars.
  • If it isn't true (no target or you can't harm your target) then it does nothing because there are no more clauses.
  • First, there is the 255 character limit (though there is a workaround in Part III); you often need to take certain shortcuts in order to get a script to fit in
  • I'll just start off saying that I am completely ignorant about macros so if this question had an obvious answer, I am sorry for having wasted your time. : Anyway, I
  • Character specific macros are..., well, you can figure this one out yourself.:P Immediately under the tabs is a grid of 18 boxes where the macros are displayed.
  • If you use that unit in your [@] option, WoW will allow you to specify another unit or will use the default unit for the command if you don't specify one.

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The next couple sections will tie up these loose ends and hopefully give you some inspiration to start you on your way. If you want to say something only when you actually cast the spell, check out the AddOn AfterCast. Wow Error Filter Now they can change targets for DPS and use the following macro whenever they need to re-sheep. /cast [@focus] Polymorph Or maybe a healer could set their focus to the main Wow Macro Suppress Error if you are targeting someone, and that someone is targeting Iriel, /assist would make you target Iriel).

For example, [stance] by itself means "In any stance" (useful for every class with stances except Warriors since they are always in a stance). this page actionbar:1/.../6 or bar:1/.../6 — Given action bar page is selected bonusbar:5 — The possess bar is active (controlling a vehicle or another player) button:1/.../5/ or btn:1/.../5/ — Macro activated Modifier variablesEdit While modifier keys can only be one of shift, ctrl, or alt, there are a number of system variables that you can use in your modifier conditions as well. I you write: /q[my macro]/q This will always work like: /q 0[my macro]/q 1 Saving 4 chars. Wow Disable Lua Errors

There are a few ways to determine the name of the frame you're interested in: You can use an AddOn. The macro will be automatically saved when you first try to use it or when you close the macros window. Aftercast and AddOns like it will not and cannot circumvent this restriction! get redirected here When the command does not have any conditions that are true, it will not execute at all.

On top of these uses, there are some more complex examples of /click branching towards the end of Part II. Wow Macro Disable Error Speech Note: Since the macro is executed all at once, the /p command will be issued when you start the cast, and will not care either way whether you have a valid The AddOn, MacroTalk, adds a number of /opt___ commands for each chat command and a generic /opt command that lets you use options to choose other full (insecure) slash commands.The newest

The parameter to #show (in this case Pyroblast) works the same way as the /cast and /use commands.

This mod fixes the situation by converting the long commands to very short ones.Now the macros can be written thusly: #showtooltip /cast Mangle(Bear Form) /q 0 /cast [nomod] Maul(Bear Form) /q party and raidEdit These return true if the target is in your party or raid, respectively. The set of parameters begins with a colon (:) and each parameter is separated with a slash (/) that means "or." Here's a generic illustration of the syntax of a single Elvui Error Text Aerie Peak Agamaggan Shattered Halls / Sunstrider et al.

Examples: Equip a weapon to default slot: /equip Honed Voidaxe Equip a trinket to the lower trinket slot: /equipslot 14 Carrot on a Stick Save two equipment sets. Otherwise it will cast Greater Heal. Reply With Quote 2011-01-06,08:34 AM #4 Infighter View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Bloodsail Admiral Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 1,105 Originally Posted by Matchu There might useful reference If you choose the question mark icon (), WoW will automatically pick an icon for your macro based on what spells or items are listed in the macro.

The most basic targeting command (unsurprisingly) is /target. However, if you have no target or your target can be neither helped nor harmed, you would receive an error message or, depending on the spell, the target selector cursor. It's possible to swap your target and your focus, giving you in effect two targets you can toggle between: /cleartarget [@target, dead] /clearfocus [@focus, dead] /target focus /cleartarget [@focus, noexists] /targetlasttarget If you create a macro like: /cast [modifier:SELFCAST, @player] [@mouseover] [ ] Greater Heal It will work as expected no matter what you have set as your self-cast key.

You can specify your pet's name or your pet's type (Voidwalker, Boar, Imp, Wolf, etc.). [pet] by itself matches any pet. I had actually made a very similar addon a while ago and was about to publish it when I found yours. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/errorfilter (It is hosted here, but not updated... This has two important effects.

However, if you have some programming experience, you should head over to Lua.org to learn the basics of Lua and if you don't have any programming experience, you may want to Reason: bad spelling lol Reply With Quote 2011-01-06,08:38 AM #6 Robula View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Stood in the Fire Join Date Jun 2010 Location Cornwall, Note: Macros have a 255 character limit. Note: "no" applies to the whole condition and all of its parameters.

Poulpos Default Pack Comments bencvt  Join Date: 8/14/2009 Posts: 9 Member Details #11 bencvt View User Profile Send Message Posted Aug 24, 2015 Very handy addon, @adinhb! The "virtual click" can usually be ignored, but if you use a bar mod it can be useful. Join the Conversation Ignored Have something to say? For instance, a macro that makes the player yell "Everybody, dance now!" and burst into dance would be written thus. /y Everybody, dance now! /dance A mostly complete list of slash

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