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Windows Live Messenger Error Code 810003c1

and none of the solutions were working.......anyways long story short... I need some help please i cant sign in to msn messenger when i do it pops up with this error code error 35747233849 what could that be thanks for looking Ejecutar aplicaciones Visual Basic 6 en Windows 7: VB6 Runtime soportado en Windows 7: ESTEBAN GUENUL: Yo he logrado instalar vb6 en windows... I have tried everything except Check the .NET Messenger Service Status. have a peek at these guys

Else you may get a different error from 81000314. Answer: Uninstall then re-install. This is your Windows Live Account or Hotmail account. Highlight the entry and select "Add Allowed Program".

and I can not log in to live messenger using that account . . . Just reset the router. Top neoise Sweet on this forum Posts: 376 Joined: March 31st, 2008, 5:12 am Location: AIUR Quote Postby neoise » June 3rd, 2009, 11:40 am TROUBLESHOOT ......... my problems started when I started running Version 8,1 all the ppl I know who is running 8,0 has no problems. (and yes I uninstalled MSN 8,1 and installed 8,0 but

  1. Our work LAN has just been set up so that we need to use a proxy, and all of a sudden Windows Live Messanger won't work on my machine, although I
  2. Download the Free IP Address Tracker General, But Classic Troubleshooting Techniques Collect information: Write down exactly what the problem is.
  3. I want my msn to work.
  4. what to do now???? 5.10.08 Afiiya..
  5. And if I got on it before I'm sure it's not because any of this firewall stuff.
  6. but can u explain how u do that, throw away the lynksys router? 21.5.07 Anonymous said...
  7. I unchecked it now, of cause, but to no avail - despite of de-installation, re-installation etc etc.So yeah, any new suggestions are very welcome 16.10.07 Anonymous said...
  8. MSN died this morning, error 80072efd.
  9. at: http://messenger.msn.com/Status.aspx.

Hi Guys,i got this problem when i ran my system with two antivirus installed.... I had the same problem, and fixed it.i turned off the firewall and still got the message. Signing in to Windows Live Messenger failed because the services is temporarily unavailbe, Please try again later, Error code: 810003c1 ______________________________________... Having same problems.

And then it saiys error 80072efd and to check the LAN settings which i have and have set them up how it was suggested to fix the problem which it has Hope it works for you too. Ok, I finally found what my problem was... https://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=20081029115138AATs9yj ALL OF THIS IS HELP FULL!..I TRIED EVERYTHING LIKE 3 TIMES AND NOTHING WORKED ON MY PC!!

Locate the source: Hardware (modem) Software, your end or MSN site. windows live messenger was working fine even with plus on it. But even if I turn off the fire walls altogeather, Windows Live Messanger still won't sign in on my machine, although the default Windows Messanger does sign in just fine. 27.2.07 The time now is 09:37. . Are you looking for Windows Live Messenger and MSN fixes?

Step Seven, Once you find windows live messenger click on it so it is highlighted.Step Eight, in the bottom right there is now an "Action" section, click "Allow Access" then click Thank u in advance! 1.3.07 Anonymous said... i am having the keyports thing and it is Frusturating, all you people trying to controdict eachother so that you can prove that you are right doesnt help People fix the What I did was opened my security prog McCafe and restored Firewall settings to default.

I have tried everything. More about the author Art Bunch posted Jul 11, 2016 Do i need windows 8 security... But...if i was in your shoes, i' d wait a little and would try later. It will change the setting to "Full Access".

Hi Everyone,I'm getting the same error code, but it doesnt say {Sorry, we were unable to sign you into Windows Live Messenger at this time. I found that msnmsgr.exe was allowed to access the internet in my firewall (ZoneAlarm), but after the recent update a program called wlcomm.exe also needs to access the internet. Internet works perfect.I will be looking forward of solution to this problem. check my blog Registering both of them takes an inordinate amount of time on my machine - minutes rather than the fractions of a second for the other files.

From time to time their server goes down and those messages (starting from 81...) appears all the way. everything is fine but suddenly i cant log on, what is friggin wrong!? please somebody help me ..

Then click on the Restore Defaults.

Well i do have the samewrong message but i did a realy clumpsy thing og misstake i deleted a map called: Messenge wich lays in C:program and after i did that i'm runniny 3 different PCs off the one router and two connect to MSN and can run anti virus scanner updates fine... So how do I know which port I have to open? Windows Updates Can't sign in - Error code 81000306I've looked through every 'solution' on various web-sites but with no success.

nogthing workseven downloaded the zip and all.. Please try again later. and it gives you an option to like repair messenger or something. http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/windows-live/windows-live-messenger-error-code-81000451.php Wouldn't work. 11.3.09 Anonymous said...

thanks for your time and your help. 25.11.09 Anonymous said...

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