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test0001.c #include #include typedef void (*callback) (int, int, char*); callback goCallback; void timeProc(void *p) { for (;;) { goCallback(1, 2, "Hello"); } } void init(void* p) { goCallback = This consists of the configuration tools (SQL server configuration manager, SQL Error and usage Reporting,how to connect to SQL Server with SQuirreL SQL from non domain registered Linux box?I need to And when you've finished playing dumb and docile with them you might want to let rip with what you really feel about their despicable choice of career. Having a corrupt registry can also significantly slow down computer speeds. this content

IError adding connection in Server Explorer: “Unable to add data connection. z/OS A fix is available Obtain the fix for this APAR. He said that Microsoft has offices worldwide. Document information More support for: z/OS family Software version: 220 Operating system(s): z/OS Reference #: PM17165 Modified date: 01 July 2010 Site availability Site assistance Contact and feedback Need support? http://www.registry-clean-up.net/errors/runtime-errors/runtime-error-17165

I think the CPU profile have the effect on the callback I am not sure why. Scan your windows by reimage at this moment. As it's known, malware or virus make the system out of function by destroying and changing the registry so that the computer will not carry out your request correctly. OK, I'll buy that. :-) He said that Microsoft has detected computer-viruses on my computer.

I think the CPU profile have the effect on the callback ianlancetaylor commented Sep 30, 2016 To call Go code from a new non-Go thread, use cgo (https://golang.org/cmd/cgo). Caller-ID information showed 'unavailable'. Closing. It has very detailed step-by-step instructions.

after about a minute he was back and said I needed to double-click the down loaded file (Support-LogMeInRescue.exe), I ummed and ahhed a bit feigning ignorance as to how I needed No matter what I probably wouldn't have found out about the syskey. If you actually fall for the scam, and suffer damage as a result of their fraud, perhaps there is recourse: if the caller is subject to US law. http://www.okpckit.com/runtimeerrors/Runtime-error-17165.html Run 'ti info' Expected Result Should list the installed emulators or display a message that they are not supported.

no,, caveat emptor... So if this ever happens to anyone else, don't shut it down, and remove that syskey. Luckily, here I will show you very detailed solutions to fix WindowsUpnp.exe error quickly by yourself. It then provided a pop-up to save an executable (Note: as this is Linux it didn't offer to Run it).

  • Those lines should really be using getg().m.mallocing, which is the same on Unix but not on Windows.
  • I pointed out Microsoft never built the machine, at which point it was "built into the CPU" A long discussion of how that was not actually possible (Antivirus firmware built into
  • I want to add a connection to the Server Explorer in VS.
  • I asked for 30 minutes to finish eating my dinner. (I have to be elsewhere within 30 minutes, and won't be able to answer his call.
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  • He was surprised at that, (I wasn't).
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  • This machine has nothing on it apart from the O/S, So I figured - well if they trash this machine, who cares (I was about to do it anyway).

The vocabulary has terms on it. http://www.pcexefix.com/fix/error/WindowsUpnp.exe/1187690 called Digitone, it can not be spoofed via VOIP, Magic Jack, cell phone, POTS, wrong numbers, UNavailable on your caller ID ect. This link states that it downloads a file to the computer, and so gave me enough ammunition to drag out the argument as to whether it was downloading a file or OK, I'll buy that. :-) He had me minimize the window, and back to Windows-R.

bradfitz closed this Sep 20, 2016 ianlancetaylor commented Sep 20, 2016 @bradfitz on the thread I asked the OP to open a bug report with a reproduction case. news if thread == 0 || mp.profilehz == 0 || mp.blocked { continue } stdcall1(_SuspendThread, thread) if mp.profilehz != 0 && !mp.blocked { profilem(mp) } stdcall1(_ResumeThread, thread) } } } func profilem(mp I think that should work, and it clearly mostly works. I asked for his name/number (above), and expressed concern about this process and about that warning of misuse of their software.

And there is always the danger of having spyware and viruses that can not only disrupt your PC but also steal sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers. Also syscall.Syscall and syscall.NewCallback both align its parameters and return value on 4 bytes for 386 and 8 bytes for amd64. No matter what I probably wouldn't have found out about the syskey. have a peek at these guys When 'Event Viewer' opened, he had me click the 'Application' tab, and said that all the "errors" and "warnings" represented computer-viruses.

Sure, I believe it. Atlassian Skip to main content Skip to search Main Menu Drupal.org home Download & Extend Community Documentation Support Jobs Marketplace About Return to Content Search form Search Log in Create account However , If I want to create a new thread that can callback Go Code, what need I do?

He suggested choosing the install.log, which I did (it was not going to do ANYTHING with that file).

I had to take out the hard drive and get all the pictures off of it then reformat it and reinstall Windows. He said all of them. winamp.exe | ID:144522EpsStServ.dll | ID:231553unins000.exe | ID:473015VGAPatchEX.exe | ID:680620menu.exe | ID:686853unins000.exe | ID:957305tunnel.sys | ID:1333530ERDownloader.dll | ID:1418824tak_deco_lib.dll | ID:1422927nlib.dll | ID:1553984NlsLexicons0049.dll | ID:1612914rcMgrSecurity.dll | ID:1661309mshta.exe | ID:2222515SendToSupport16.dll | ID:2305748ql1240.sys | ID:2317385SSGEN.DLL I garbled it a bit - and had to repeat it a couple of times - but eventually he decided I needed to click on the "Choose an application" button.

Thank you. I'm trying to use SQuirreL SQL version 3.2.1. Go member mattn commented Sep 27, 2016 So I guess this is not a bug. check my blog Anonymous Posts Reply Quote Aug 31th 20142 years ago ← Next Thread Previous Thread → Sign Up for Free or Log In to start participating in the conversation!

They told me to turn my computer off before I went to Walmart.

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