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What Is An Idnf Error


The 3 error code digits to the right of the C7 bit are: Code Error Description 200 - Drive is an AC31600-not yet tested 201 - Non-WD drive 202 - WD So when relocating sectors, no user data is lost. Track 0 on the drive must be accessed to perform parts of various internal tests. File repair: If necessary, corrupted files are repaired.

Use the appropriate version. After command completion occurred, registers were: ER ST SC SN CL CH DH -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10 51 08 50 11 00 e0 Error: IDNF 8 sectors This may be due to a media error. This may be due to a defect with the drive or the drive may not have responded properly due to a bad connection.

Mhdd Unc

Re-Test Drive 10 Set File Pointer Error A SetFilePointer command during the test has failed. Retest after checking the connections. This failed because of some weird bugs in the installer. Several instances of information on data positioning and location could not be found.

Re-test Drive 135 DRQ Timeout Timeout from checking Data ReQuest Timeout (DRQ) bit. The drive has not responded to the SMART test request. Somehow while doing only a read of the drive (under windows 2k) it wiped out the signature at the end of the mbr, but NOT the partition table. Uncrc enabled help you monitor a drive's internal status through diagnostic commands.

Head-clicks render the drive unresponsive and thus the drive ready timeout is reached and the software shuts the drive down, hopefully before damage has occurred. Bit 6 - Uncorrectable Data: An ECC error in the data field could not be corrected (a media error or read instability). Version 4.12 for older drives and version 5.00 for current drives. http://carlsralp.www3.50megs.com/computer/gwscan.html Replace Drive 200 Drive Not Tested Supported WD drives are initialized with this status.

Retest after checking the connections. Uncrate This may be an anomaly or a defect with the drive. You may need to rescan to ensure that the repairs were effective. Moreover, a client is often interested in a small number of files on a drive and is willing to sacrifice the others to maximize the possibility of recovering those few files.

  1. There are too many errors detected on this drive to be repaired.
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  3. Files might be corrupt because data could not be fully restored in previous phases, in which case disk imaging is repeated to retrieve more sectors.

Error Different Of Unc

For Bandit Check DRM error rate attribute - fail if less than 100. http://forum.hddguru.com/viewtopic.php?t=6992&start= Problems with Disk Imaging Disk imaging is not a trivial task. Mhdd Unc Re-test Drive 140 DRQ TIMEOUT ECC The drive did not properly respond to test commands. Unc Error Other bytes are present to facilitate read/write synchronization.

For simplicity, the ECC bytes can be thought of as a checksum to validate data integrity. This may be due to a defect with the drive or the drive may not have responded properly due to a bad connection. Maybe the two unc's had something to do with it, but I can't see how. Heads use servo info to identify the correct track. Unhcr

That's the 'protected area'. Re-test Drive 137 Relocated Sector Sector Relocated. It is difficult to do pattern detection on a pattern that appears over and over. Replace the drive if the error repeats.

Can't find the meaning of the time, unc, abrt, idnf, amnf, tonf, and bbk. Replace Drive 218 10+ SERVO Errors SERVO 10+. If there is an error the drive will retry until it cannot get a correct result and then will return the UNCR error UNCR-Uncorrectable Error WRFT - Write Fault Heads use


You may also want to reroute your IDE cable away from sources of electronic bus noise such as your CPU, Power Supply, etc. Yes, Please make this my home page! A number of ECC errors (between 2 through 9) have been detected. However, these problems can be solved with imaging tools that address disk-level issues.

Re-Test Drive 586 DRQ Timeout Data ReQuest Timeout. This is a monitoring system, which stores all errors, retries, and power on hours. The automatic repair feature can attempt a repair if possible. Re-Test Drive 2 SMART Attribute Over Threshold Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) threshold exceeded condition.

Replace Drive 211 2-9 Uncorr ECC Errors Error Correction Code (ECC) 2 through 9. According to the specs for your disk, the total number of sectors is 117,210,240 (see page 25 of URL above). Re-test Drive 141 UNKNOWN ERROR An unknown error has occurred during testing. Bit 1 - Track 0 Not Found: Track 0 was not found during drive recalibration.

Drive Reliability Monitor. Bruce Thread view [smartmontools-support]Strange IDNF errors and an invalid SMART checksum From: Eichert, Tobias - 2004-05-10 15:12:12 Hello, I could need some assistance analyzing the output of my last "smartctl

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