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You may also want to be sure you are using a passive connection. Click the link to create a password, then come back here and sign in. We are a fan of the product, but it does seem to be quite persnickety at times. No muss, no fuss. useful reference

Status: Verifying certificate... It's been mostly reliable. ProtoSD, Mar 6, 2012 #6 Bio Hazzard Joined: Feb 27, 2012 Messages: 5 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 I've tried accessing my ftp from multiple locations external from my house Noticed this the other day and do not get that error anymore.

What Is A Socket Error

from within my local network to test if computers were to try and connect externally from my network it would be possible to do so, could this be causing additional problems IRC Traffic No IRC traffic. Transient Negative Completion Replies These types of replies indicate that the command was not accepted; the requested action was not taken.

Yes, you need to do a bunch of "cleanup" on that nic -- nothing should be bound to it (no file sharing services, no print services) but TCP/IP. Please note that many routers will intercept FTP commands and change them to try and help with the connection. Response: 220 ProFTPD 1.3.4a Server ("My NAS Info" FTP Server) [::ffff:"My IP Address"] Command: AUTH TLS Response: 234 AUTH TLS successful Status: Initializing TLS... Freeftpd Generic Error For Access Violation Be careful about posting that info.

Not what I was wanting to hear...but good feedback. Ftp Socket Error Ports are forwarded correctly on my router. The iterations of the server since Version 5 have been much more problematic than version 4. Positive Intermediate Replies These types of replies indicate that the requested action was taken and that the server is awaiting further information to complete the request. 331 User name okay, need

If you’re using a Dynamic DNS program with your FTP server you may find that disabling passive in the DNS settings (and FTP server) and in SyncBack/SE will fix data transfer Ftp Errors And Solutions well I guess you'd know that since I've been able to remotely login to the admin page. Thanks again for all the help! Response: 230 User "My Username" logged in Command: SYST Response: 215 UNIX Type: L8 Command: FEAT Response: 211-Features: Response: LANG en-US.UTF-8;en-US*;fr-FR.UTF-8;fr-FR;ja-JP.UTF-8;ja-JP;zh-CN.UTF-8;zh-CN;zh-TW.UTF-8;zh-TW;ru-RU.UTF-8;ru-RU;it-IT.UTF-8;it-IT;bg-BG.UTF-8;bg-BG;ko-KR.UTF-8;ko-KR Response: MDTM Response: MFMT Response: TVFS Response: AUTH TLS Response:

  • You connect in and say "give me a directory listing", and "connect to me on on port 12345".
  • I'm not sure if you can set a hostname (dynamic dns) in here, but you might be able to.
  • I using the correct external IP..
  • The connection gets dropped by YOUR router as this is what it's designed to do.
  • These problems with double NAT and SSL are common to all FTP programs.

Ftp Socket Error

Command: PWD Response: 257 "/mnt/shared" is the current directory Command: TYPE I Response: 200 Type set to I Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (###,###,#,###,###,###). Bio Hazzard, Feb 27, 2012 #1 Bio Hazzard Joined: Feb 27, 2012 Messages: 5 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Bump bump :/ Bio Hazzard, Mar 4, 2012 #2 ProtoSD What Is A Socket Error Jürgen Rentergent Re: AW: [WS_FTP Forum] Connection timeout erro... How To Fix Socket Error So lets say you forward port 5001-5010 in addition to port 5000 for the control port.

Donate $9 $19 $49 $99 About donations Recommend Tweet WinSCP Privacy Policy WinSCP License Need help? see here Pete Simpson AW: [WS_FTP Forum] Connection timeout error when m... In this case, having the client use passive transfers will work out of the box. Your client knows this IP is bogus, and the transfer fails. Ftp Connection Timed Out Could Not Connect To Server

I've been dealing with ftp and nat problems since about 1995, so I have a bit of experience with it. Style New Style Privacy Policy Help Home Top RSS XenForo Add-ons by Brivium ™ © 2012-2016 Brivium LLC. Kevin Gillis RE: [WS_FTP Forum] Connection timeout error when making... this page Bummer!

Note these connections are independent of the 'ftp control' connection, which is default to port 21. Socket Error 11001 Host Not Found Command: MLSD Error: Connection timed out Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing - - - Updated - - - The Econ refused setting usually has to do with your NAS server By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device.

Please read everything before asking questions.) FTP is a hard protocol to get working through NAT.

works fine and lists the directories though :\ I originally tried port 21 (default) but when using a port checker tool it said it wasn't open, ISP might be blocking it. Continue 简体中文 正體中文 (繁體) Česky Danish Deutsch English Español (Castellano) Eesti keel Français Hrvatski Magyar Italiano 日本語 한국어 Lietuvių Nederlands Polski Română По-русски Slovensky Srpski Українська WinSCP Free SFTP, SCP and Article Detail When testing an FTP connection you may receive one of the following errors: Socket Error # 11001, Host not found: Check that the hostname or IP address has been How To Fix Socket Error 10060 It may be necessary to configure the firewall so that it runs the SyncBackSE/Pro application with "SYSTEM" settings:Allow IP In From Any to Any Where Protocol Is Anyinstead of "Trusted Application"

So far we're 5 for 5 on that "fix". 2.) If you're trying to use SSL through your firewall w/ FTP-- don't. Stay logged in Sign up now! ProtoSD, Mar 4, 2012 #3 Bio Hazzard Joined: Feb 27, 2012 Messages: 5 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Thanks, changed port of IP, didn't notice that I'd posted that http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/socket-error/winsock-failed-error.php I have a DynDNS Pro account that I can remotely access administration on just fine.

So basically, if both FTP server, and FTP client are behind routers or firewalls, you have two options: A: configure the server, and the router the server's behind. Put two NIC's in the server, expose one externally and run SSL on that NIC. For a small ftp server, 10 or so should be fine. Have clients connect in with passive mode. (multiple clients will require a larger range of ports forwarded to the server's IP).

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