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If the USOC already exists on the account, you should issue a SUP to remove the duplicate USOC. My billing date is the 2nd of every month but my cycle ends on the 14th of the previous month. error -3174 kOTProviderMismatchErr: The endpoint that is to accept the connection is not the same kind of endpoint as this one. This must be corrected on the LSR by issuing a SUP. http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/error-code/verizon-error-5000.php

STEP 2: Click "Quick Scan" Button to Scan Your Computer. PS066 (Field) prohibited when the 2nd char. You may also reference your local Tariff for additional feature requirements. If a circular hunting arrangement exists the USOC for CF2 cannot be added to the same account and the LSR has to be resubmitted/cancelled.

Verizon Error Codes

Tag &X_VAR2. =&X_VAR3 only valid when Tag &X_VAR4. =&X_VAR5 7030V866 Form LSR: ACT = &X VAR1 requires Form RS: TNS = BTN, FEATURE = C/S or Form RS: LNA = &X Ensure that the Blocking FID is not duplicated or mutually exclusive to another Block. This error is also returned when the structType field is inconsistent with the endpoint type. back to top 7030Z574 Switch Incompatible w/Ringmate Telephone Number This error message indicates that the Ringmate TN on your Sitemap Glossary Calendar Contact Us Partner Solutions Select Entire Site Business

  • error -309 smBLFieldBad: ByteLanes field was bad.
  • One or more tickets successfully created. 3013 Duplicate circuit IDs are not permitted.
  • The 2nd character identifies the Product being ordered.
  • REGISTER Takes just a sec!
  • A SUP may need to be issued to correct the due date out field.
  • error -23017 duplicateSocket: A stream is already open using the local UDP port or a TCP connection already exists between the local IP address and TCP port, and the specified remote
  • Obtain applicable USOC for features and services being ordered.
  • Check to make sure that the USOC is on the last line of the TN with the hunt group.

Recommended Solution You should check the Resale Service form to ensure that the account telephone number appears only once on the form. error -3161 kOTFlowErr: The endpoint is in asynchronous mode, but the flow control mechanism prevents the endpoint from accepting any data at this time. back to top 7030V077 TN &X_VAR1 to be added already sent - Check for duplicate TNs This error message indicates that the TN being added on your order is currently on Verizon Fios Error Code 1302 Glad to hear it's functional again.

You should also reference your local Tariff for additional feature requirements. Verizon Error Message Text error -3176 kOTResAddressErr: The address to which this endpoint is bound differs from that of the endpoint that received the connection request; thus, this endpoint cannot accept this connection request. Unless of course this phone suffered the popular "I don't feel brilliant anymore I'm now write protected" syndrome. go to this web-site Memory Mgr error.

back to top 7030V015 Carrier Code is invalid This error message is advising that the PIC/LPIC on the PS or RS Form of the Local Service Request is invalid. Verizon Error Code Text Message error -23036 ipNoFragMemErr: Insufficient internal driver buffers available to fragment this packet on send. error -316 smInitStatVErr: The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init. error -342 smGetDrvrNamErr: Error occured during _sGetDrvrName.

Verizon Error Message Text

Sorry, I"m not trying to hijack the thread but I have NuSense7 and got to flash back to factory. https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/869168 An order cannot be placed to move a part of the account. Verizon Error Codes A pending service order is open on this account. Verizon Fios Cable Box Error Codes I went next door after work and tried it out.

back to top 7030V086 Only one Port Form allowed on Platform "AS IS" -LSR in query. http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/error-code/verizon-wireless-error-code-1001.php A trouble report has already been opened by your VLEC partner on this circuit. error -317 smInitTblVErr: An error occured while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table. Get Your PC Running Normal Again in Under 10 Minutes Filed in Windows Verizon Error Code 231 on Problem with Verizon Error Code 231? Verizon Error Code 13000

Recommended Solution Check the LSR to validate that the PIC/LPIC Carrier Code has been input correctly or that it is valid for that telephone number. If the location is fiber only address a Supp must be issued to cancel this LSR. DL016 Prohibited when the LACT field ="D" or "Z", otherwise required. http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/error-code/verizon-error-4033.php error -292 smPRAMInitErr: Error; Slot Resource Table could not be initialized.

error -23012 connectionTerminated: The TCP connection was broken; the reason will be given a terminate ASR. Verizon Fios Tv Error Codes STEP 3:Click the 'Repair All' Button to Repair Your PC! error -318 smNoJmpTbl: SDM jump table could not be created.

The 4th character is a Characterization of the Product being ordered.

error -334 smCPUErr: Code revision is wrong error -333 smCodeRevErr: Code revision is wrong error -332 smReservedErr: Reserved field not zero error -331 smBadsList: Bad sList: Id1 < Id2 < Id3 To obtain applicable USOCs and required feature identification codes for products, access the Verizon Business Rules Appendices. Where Do I get the Software for my Zip Drive?Do You Have The Sad iPod screen?File-sharing between two MacsApple PowerBooks ( Menu FORUMS Apps, ROMs, Customization Top Phones Google Pixel XLGoogle Verizon Fios Error Code Fm0124 Recommended Solution Obtain a CSR to identify if the account telephone number on this LSR has hunting.

Recommended Solution When processing a change order or migrating the end user, you will need to obtain a current CSR to validate that the CLEC Name was submitted correctly your LSR. Verify the values populated on the HT Field on the (LSR) Local Service Request Form (LSOG 5), HTN Field on the (HGI) Hunt Group Information Form (LSOG 6). error -313 smNoBoardSRsrc: No Board sResource. http://itechnologysolutionsllc.com/error-code/verizon-fios-error-fp6a.php error -261 midiInvalidCmdErr: command not supported for port type error -260 midiDupIDErr: duplicate client ID error -259 midiNameLenErr: name supplied is longer than 31 characters error -258 midiWriteErr: MIDIWritePacket couldn't write

This error message is advising that only one Port Form is allowed on a UNE-Platform order with an Activity of AS IS. A secuirty error has been detected - circuit/owner mismatch or circuit not found. If the USOC already exists on the account you should issue a SUP to remove the duplicate USOC. Show 2 replies 1.

error -3168 kOTStateChangeErr: The endpoint is undergoing a transient state change. back to top 7030V619 This is a co carrier account - ineligible for reseller This error message is advising that the co carrier account is ineligible for the reseller. Recommended Solution Obtain a current CSR to identify and validate that the applicable TNs on the LSR are listed on the End User's account. ty ty ty Lonny Says: at 9:12 AM it worked!!!!!!!

Recommended Solution As an example, LSR: Tag ACT = W invalid when AECN Tag (your AECN) on the account. error -23003 ipLoadErr: Not enough room in the application heap (Macintosh 512K enhanced only) error -23002 ipNoCnfgErr: A configuration resource is missing. Recommended Solution When submitting an LSR and it is indicated on the TOS field that it is a restructor of the Account, then CLEC needs to ensure that the AC field Powered by Home | Top of pageVerizon Wireless Community Software Version: , revision: 20160414082626.1619a91.release_8.0.3.x Problem with Verizon Error Code 231?

I honestly don't think I'm getting the whole story about this thing. All Rights Reserved. Tag &X_VAR2. =&X_VAR3 only valid when Tag &X_VAR4. =&X_VAR5 This error message will indicate what variable is only valid with another variable provided on the Local Service Request. Genesis Says: at 3:47 AM Just ran this on my wife's computer and for the first time in a long time, it finally works again!

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